Critical Infrastructure

AAE provides planning, architecture, engineering, procurement, general contractor, program and construction management, and maintenance and support services for critical infrastructure projects. An extensive track record of completing international projects on time and within budget makes AAE a reliable partner. AAE has the technical and practical experience required for completing transportation, water, and renewable energy projects anywhere in the world.

AAE offers engineering, design, construction, project and program management, procurement, and maintenance services for transportation projects. It works on a variety of rail, aviation, automotive, and marine transportation programs and serves both private and government clients all over the world.
Water/Waste Water
AAE provides water and wastewater solutions to customers worldwide. Whether a solution is needed for water treatment; waste water management; storm sewers and drainage systems; sanitary and potable water systems; or urban, rural, or industrial water management, AAE can design a customized solution and offer full life-cycle support.
Clean Energy
Addressing climate change, improving air and water quality, and reducing pollution are each part of creating a sustainable future. One way to practice more environmentally friendly living is to employ alternative energy systems for transmission and distribution. For clients seeking green energy solutions, AAE can provide consulting services for renewable, solar, wind, biomass, hydro, and geothermal energies. Other solutions include smart grids, efficient distribution systems, state-of-the art control systems, as well as generation systems and plants.