AAE designs and deploys communications solutions that bring voice, video, and data connectivity anywhere in the world. AAE offers design, engineering, program management, and installation services for wireless and terrestrial networks and for systems on fixed, mobile, and portable platforms. It is heavily experienced with deployments and installations in particularly challenging areas such as those isolated by geological barriers or rural regions.

As a systems integrator, AAE has over 25 years of experience integrating a number of wireless and wireline technologies. AAE has built LMR networks for military use; GSM and SCPC networks for cellular backhaul; provided wireless service extension through WiMax; worked with IP based technologies such as VoIP and IP PBX; integrated various types of radio such as VHF, UHF, HF, and marine; and has gained experience using microwave and free-space-optic technologies.

Full life cycle support services are accessible at any time and are available to all clients. Initial consultation services include feasibility studies and site and path surveys. This is followed by engineering and design services. Deployment services such as project and program management, installation, field engineering, testing, training, and commissioning services are also available. No matter where the solution is located, maintenance and support services are available on a 24/7 basis. Finally, when the solution has reached the end of its life cycle, AAE offers decommissioning services.

AAE designs and builds critical communications centers and hubs such as emergency-operations centers, command-and-control centers, network operations centers, teleports, fixed and mobile data centers, flyaway and quick deploy terminals, rapid response vehicles, and mobile communications trailers.