Industrial Enterprise
AAE provides engineering, construction, project management, and procurement for customers in commercial and industrial enterprise. Whether installing facilities for mining operations, designing labs and clean rooms for life sciences, designing efficient systems for manufacturing plants, or building commercial office spaces, AAE delivers projects on time and on budget.
AAE designs and builds research, testing, and manufacturing facilities for chemicals, biologicals, and pharmaceuticals. AAE provides design, engineering, and build services for labs, clean rooms, and plants, along with ICT integration services. Because of the stringent regulatory requirements associated with life science programs, AAE also offers validation and compliance services to ensure that all buildings and systems meet their requirements.
AAE designs and builds various types of facilities for private and government clients. AAE’s expertise ranges from data centers, public use facilities such as parks, arenas and amphitheaters; office buildings and business parks; schools of all levels; health care facilities; manufacturing plants; command and control centers; television stations; and government buildings.
Logistical challenges are inherent to any mining production, making construction, maintenance,and service delivery a foreboding challenge. AAE is able to overcome geographic obstacles and offers engineering, procurement, construction, global support services, and maintenance services to customers all over the world. Placing high value on safety and performance, AAE constructs facilities that enable its customers to meet safety, regulatory, reliability, maintainability, and performance requirements. Among many practice areas, AAE excels at providing communications systems, mine planning, materials handling, mineral exploration and geology, hydrometallurgical processing, pyrometallurgical processing, metal forming, mineral processing, and environmental permitting.
AAE builds manufacturing plants for clients across several industries. Engineering, design, construction, procurement, and project and program management services are available to help clients build efficient factories for manufacturing. Full turnkey support is provided with maintenance, operation, and decommissioning services for both heavy industrial plants and small scale projects.