As part of its commitment to sustainability, AAE offers development services. With professionals in a number of practice areas, AAE's development services are available for government, private entities, and individuals alike.

AAE's commitment to building infrastructure in challenging locations is unparalleled. AAE's engineering and program management teams have the know-how to overcome challenges presented by limited access to capital resources. Over the past 25 years, AAE has successfully completed projects in various environments while working with people of different cultures and languages.
Education Systems

School administrators must devise solutions to a number of pedagogical questions. To help school administrators improve the quality of education in the classroom, AAE offers expertise in campus improvement programs, emergency management and response programs; ICT systems integration and maintenance; teacher and staff training and development; organizational and administrative consultations; curriculum development; and educational program planning and design.

AAE creates learner-centered instructional environments that are safe, sustainable, and flexible. From Kindergarten through the University level, for both large and small schools and school districts, AAE implements customized solutions on time and within budget. Architectural, design, planning, and construction services are available for almost any type of education facility. Special attention is given to lighting, acoustics, furnishings, technology, and building type in order to provide facilities that are in line with the culture and learning philosophy of the school.